• The "Argus Express" is a comprehensive, fully supported, self-contained Desktop Body Worn Camera Solution that you own, including all necessary hardware, software, and cameras. Just connect power.
  • Predictive Costs - One fixed price and you own the data, the infrastructure, and the cameras.
  • Software includes user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) for acquiring, archiving, accessing, sorting, redacting, retrieving, and sharing critical evidence.
  • Cost-efficient / budget friendly while eliminating unforeseen expenses associated with cloud-based offerings.  
  • All Argus Express units are scalable to 32 cameras


  • Digital Evidence Management Software
  • Body-Worn Cameras
  • Video and All Other Digital Evidence Storage
  • 100% Warranty for 3 years with on-site spares and on-site response for mission critical issues

Scalable Configurations: (*plus shipping and handling)

  • AE-5    $16,000   5 SK100 Body Cameras + 1 Multi-Dock
  • AE-10  $20,500   10 SK100 Body Cameras + 1 Multi-Dock
  • AE-15  $24,000   15 SK100 Body Cameras + 2 Multi-Docks
  • AE-20  $28,000   20 SK100 Body Cameras + 2 Multi-Docks

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VP360 Announces New Argus Express Program!

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